NEW website!

Hello fellow WordPress-ers.

Just thought I’d let you know that I have a brand new website & Facebook page up and running: & 

This means that this will be my last post here on WordPress, so come and say hello and tell me what you think of my new home ūüôā




Animorphia – complete!

Wow. This has been a long time coming. 
I have finally completed my first page in Animorphia [Kerby Rosanes]. I must say, this was the most intense page I’ve ever done. Even though I have every color of pencil under the sun, I found it incredibly difficult to get the last few characters done because I’d already used every color! 

I was a bit disappointed with the binding of this book – as you can see, it’s glued which means when I try to lay the book flat it actually breaks the spine and makes for an ugly line in my work. 

I’d like to do another page from the second book Kerby has out, Imagimorphia but I need a bit of a break from these intricate designs for a while. I’m actually planning on doing some work in one of Daria Song’s books (yet to be decided which one I’ll do first) as I just love the little girl she draws.

What was the hardest drawing/ coloring you’ve had to finish? Did you actually finish? How do you motivate yourself? 

I’m still undecided if I’ll go back and darken the background.. what do you think? 

Animorphia progress

As promised, this is a progress post on my current work.

Admittedly it’s not as far as I’d hoped to be (I thought I’d finish this one quickly) but I don’t like to rush through just to say ‘I finished’. 

This page is trickier than I first thought because you have to think up little color schemes for each little character and it really tests the limits of my color collection. 

I think that when I’m done with the main part I will end up going over the background a few more times to make it darker as I think it looks a little washed out at the moment.

This has been my first page/s with my new Polychromos pencils and they’re pretty special to work with and I find that I can blend forever with them.

Do you ever get discouraged when coloring something really big? What are your favorite pencils/ markers to use?


Color vs Colour

Seeing as I am Australian, one of the questions I get asked a lot is why I use the American spelling ‘color’ instead of the British spelling ‘colour’ here on my blog.

There are 2 reasons: the first is that the American spelling is searched for more online as it seems most of the coloring addicts are from the US (correct me if I’m wrong!) If I used the British spelling I’d miss out on all those people searching ‘coloring’ to share with.

The second (and possibly funniest one) is because I like the look of the American spelling better as I think It looks more symmetrical. I don’t use this spelling in my everyday writing but find being able to use it ¬†here on my blog pretty cool.

I find it really fascinating that we still have different spelling and pronunciation for the same words in different English speaking countries. Can you imagine how confusing this would be for someone learning English as a second language? Do you prefer different spelling of certain words?

COMING SOON: I will be posting another progress post on Animorphia soon so keep a look out!

What kickstarted me coloring again?

It was June 2015 and I had just had a car accident. I was feeling pretty ‘down’ for quite a few days after this and my mother in law was looking for a little gift to ‘cheer me up.’ It was then that she had spotted The Secret Garden [Johanna Basford] book in a shop and she said ‘this looked like something that you might enjoy’ and so she bought it. From the day I received it, I’ve been obsessed.

Originally, I thought I would just need that one book (you can stop laughing now..) but then I found that Johanna had a sequel (Enchanted Forest) and so I had to have both books.

It’s just spiralled out of control from there..

In my own defence, I don’t just buy any book I see although to the untrained eye it might look that way. I have searched hundreds of books and left stores empty handed on many more occasions than I have buying things. There is a method to my madness and I absolutely love every book I own which is something..

I keep updating the books I own tab so check back to see new ones that I add to the collection. I will also be making a ‘book wishlist’ some time soon too so I can keep track of the ones I want to add next!

How did you get started coloring? How many books do you own?

The first page I ever completed..

Well, not strictly EVER. The first page I completed as an adult. It isn’t my best work, but it was my first work and so it’s dear to my heart. This comes from the book ‘Secret Garden’ by Johannah Basford.

I used Derwent Artist pencils and as you can see the colors aren’t that bright and I found blending the colors really hard as the cores of the pencils are very hard and felt chalky. It was soon after this work that I realised that those pencils weren’t really fit for the purpose I had intended and I upgraded to Prismacolor.

How did you get started coloring? Do you still have your first work?

How I choose my colors

I get asked all the time “how do you know which color to use?”. The short answer is.. I don’t! I have a little process that I go through which I will try and detail below.

1. I look at the item I want to color. Not the whole page, but just focus on that one thing. It can be as broad as ‘I think it would look best in an orange/ yellow’ or ‘maybe blue or purple?’ If you try and look at the whole page you will be easily overwhelmed.

2. Check out your color charts if you have some. They’re a great way to see what your pencils look like on paper and to see what they look like when they’re mixed with other colors. Like maths, but with pencils.

3. Once you have some starting point (say, ‘blue or green’) you can pull out all the blue and green pencils you have. Do any of them look like a ‘match’ for the thing you’re coloring? You can change to a different color if it doesn’t feel right. Once you’ve got all your pencils out, start pulling them out and putting them together with other of a similar color. Light and dark blue. Light and dark greens.

4. You’ll need at least a light and a dark of the shade you’ve chosen to give the best depth of color and if you’re feeling really adventurous you can add 4 or more colors to this mix. 2 or more dark and 2 or more light shades.

5. You can then choose a ‘highlight’ color. I normally use a different color for this, like a yellow or light grey but it can easily be any light color you choose.

6. Put all the pencils to the side and just look at the few you’ve chosen. Do they look nice together? (We can talk about color wheels and such but I’m sure people will know if they like something when they look at it)

7. Start with the lightest layers first and slowly build up. As you’re coloring you might find (like I do) that I’m just reaching for other colors from my tin!

Here is me trying to decide which blue/ green to use:

I used approximately 5 different colors for each of these characters below:

How do you choose your colors?